Bangle Bracelets, Navajo Pearls, and Storing your Sterling Silver

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April 2014   News and Events

Spring is Here

While our Texas weather bounces back and forth between warm and sunny to cold and rainy, we have geared up for spring with new jewelry.  Enjoy our newest styles no matter what wardrobe this fickle weather dictates!
Wishing you a very Happy Easter from our family to yours!


Bangle Bracelets

The perfect bracelet for warm months!

With their loose fit and playful style, bangle bracelets add a huge style impact without the discomfort of a fitted piece during hot weather.  No one wants sweat under their jewelry... eek! Whether you wear one bold piece at a time or pile on several to create your own look, Spring and Summer never looked to good.


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You Ask -
Laura Answers

Storing Sterling Silver

Proper storage is the key to preventing tarnish and saving you time in polishing.  Here are your key points:
     *Give your jewelry a quick wipe with a polish cloth to remove any body oils/moisture before storage.
     *Store your sterling silver in Ziploc bags.

An inexpensive way to keep moisture off your silver.  The moisture in the air is what causes tarnish. Even off-brand bags from discount stores work fine - just make sure they are sealed tightly.
     *Be sure to clasp necklaces before putting them in a bag to prevent tangling.
Hanging your necklaces can stretch them over time.  To keep their original length, store them flat in a Ziploc bag.

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Navajo Pearl burnished bead necklaces

by Navajo artist Marilyn Platero

The word ‘burnished’ refers to the process of creating a darker and softer satin finish with oxidized details as opposed to a high shine polish on sterling silver. This darker finish not only gives the illusion of age to sterling silver jewelry, but also gives the piece more depth and contrast utilizing heavy oxidation. Many Native American artists burnish some or all of the jewelry they create.

We just received a huge shipment of Navajo Pearl and burnished bead necklaces from Marilyn Platero, a Navajo artist known for her bead necklaces.  The term "Navajo Pearl" refers to the style of smooth burnished sterling silver beads strung in the classic and simple style of a pearl necklace.  All burnished beads including Navajo pearls are burnished using the same process.

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