The Artists of Castle Gap Jewelry

The owners of Castle Gap Jewelry handpick each artist featured in our store. From contemporary jewelry designers such as Zina and acleoni to traditional Native American artists such as the Cadman brothers and Darryl Becenti, we carry only authentic sterling silver jewelry.

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  • Aaron Toadlena sterling silver jewelry collection
    Aaron Toadlena - Navajo - Aaron Toadlena is known for his large cluster style jewelry with intricate stampwork.

  • Acleoni Designs sterling silver jewelry collection
    acleoni - Antoinette Cleoni's signature style features a dazzling array of gemstones in handcrafted sterling silver settings.

  • Albert Jake sterling silver jewelry collection
    Albert Jake - Navajo - Specializing in traditional set stones and cluster jewelry with intricate stampwork.

  • Andy Cadman sterling silver jewelry collection
    Andy Cadman - Navajo - Specializing in beautifully stamped silver jewelry using a variety of stones and materials.

  • Calvin Martinez - Navajo - Calvin Martinez is a master silver and gold smith who creates traditional, hand rolled and hammered ingot jewelry. Navajo silversmiths adapted this style in the 1860s and continued through the 1940s. Incorporating heavy gauge sterling silver with fine gem grade turquoise and natural stones, Calvin's work is among the most collectible jewelry being created in Indian Country.
    Born in 1956, Calvin began silversmithing in 1970 at age 14. He learned his craft from his family and later, Calvin in turn taught other family members the art of silversmithing including his brothers Terry, Rick, and his brother in-law Ernest Begay.

  • Christopher Nieto - Santo Domingo - Born in 1972, Chris Nieto returned to jewelry making in 2003 after serving in the military. His wife Luwanna Tenorio has recently started working with him full-time. They have four children together.
    Chris specializes in inlay work with a majority on spiny oyster shell or deer antler. Most artists simply inlay on top of the shell, but his spiny oyster shells are unique in that he inlays into the shell so that the piece is completely smooth. This takes much more work and skill.

  • Daniel Coriz sterling silver jewelry collection
    Daniel Coriz - Santo Domingo - Daniel Coriz specializes in hand cut heishi, stone beads, and stone inlay jewelry.

  • Darrell Cadman sterling silver jewelry collection
    Darrell Cadman - Navajo - Darrell Cadman creates beautifully hand-stamped sterling silver jewelry using a variety of high quality stones and materials.

  • Darryl Becenti sterling silver jewelry collection
    Darryl Becenti - Navajo - His jewelry is highly prized for it's deep hand-stamped Navajo designs, repoussé silver work, and thick gauges of silver.

  • Delbert and Torevia Crespin jewelry collection
    Delbert & Torevia Crespin - Santo Domingo - Delbert Crespin and his wife Torevia are famous for their multi-color stone and shell inlay jewelry.

  • Delbert Gordon - Navajo - Delbert Gordon was born in Houck, Arizona and is a self taught silversmith. He and his brother-in-law began making jewelry after high school. They would make and sell a single ring at a time to dealers in Gallup, New Mexico. Later, Delbert turned this passion into a silversmithing career and taught his nephew, Derrick Gordon, the art of silversmithing.

  • Delbert Vandever sterling silver jewelry collection
    Delbert Vandever - Navajo - Delbert Vandever is known for his fine silver work and traditional designs. He is one of 15 Vandever siblings, 12 of which are jewelers or involved in the jewelry making process.

  • Derrick Gordon sterling silver jewelry collection
    Derrick Gordon - Navajo - Derrick Gordon is a relatively young silversmith with much talent. He incorporates a wide variety of modern and traditional styles in his unique jewelry.

  • Elgin Tom sterling silver jewelry collection
    Elgin Tom - Navajo - Born into a family of silversmiths, Elgin hand-makes his own unique intricate stamps to create his jewelry and original maze jewelry collection signifying family and clan.

  • Ervin Tsosie - Navajo - Ervin Tsosie, born September 1, 1970, is the brother of Irving Tsosie. Descended from spiritual ancestors instead of jewelers, his grandfather was a medicine man and his grandmother danced the Yeibichai. Ervin is a completely self-taught artist who derives his ideas from meditation, ceremonials and prayer.
    He began making jewelry at the age of 18 and is known for his intricate, mosaic and channel inlay jewelry based on the ceremonial and spiritual figures of the Navajo culture. His ideas come. Ervin has won numerous awards for his work.

  • Everett & Mary Teller - Navajo - Everett and Mary Teller collaborate as a successful husband and wife team creating a vast array of sterling silver and gold jewelry along with other handcrafted items. They have three children and reside in Lukachukai, Arizona.
    Everett, born in 1956, was self taught and began silversmithing in 1988. Mary was taught by her mother, Margaret Bochinclonny, and began silversmithing several years earlier in 1972. Both husband and wife have received several awards for their work over the years.
    The Teller's specialize overlay jewelry with Navajo basket, rug, and storm pattern designs embellished with high quality stones.

  • Federico sterling silver jewelry collection
    Federico - Mixtec/Oaxaca, Mexico - Born in Oaxaca, Mexico in a Mixtec Indian Community, Federico Jimenez now resides in California. His jewelry designs blend his Oaxacan heritage with his love of Native American jewelry.

  • Gary Reeves - Navajo - Gary Reeves was born in Gallup, New Mexico in 1962. He learned silversmithing from his younger brother David Reeves at the age of twelve. Gary, his brothers Sunshine and David, and half-brothers Darrell, Andy, and Donovan Cadman have all received numerous awards for their jewelry.

  • Geneva Apachito sterling silver jewelry collection
    Geneva Apachito - Navajo - Geneva Apachito specializes in traditional and modern Navajo cluster jewelry designs using high quality stones, shells, and semi-precious gemstones.

  • Guy Hoskie - Navajo - Guy Hoskie was born in 1952 and lives in Window Rock, Arizona. He is married with two sons that are both serving in the Armed Forces. Guy learned silversmithing from his relatives, Sunshine Reeves and Andy Cadman, and has been creating jewelry since the early 1990's. He is well known for the quality of his work with fine natural turquoise stones and deep hand-stamped traditional designs.

  • Happy Piasso - Navajo - Happy Piasso and Rudy Willie are a Navajo husband and wife team. Rudy Willie sometimes signs his own name to his pieces, but both artists have been known use the "H. Piasso" stamp on their jewelry.
    Happy Piasso was born in 1972 in Soccoro, New Mexico and raised in Alamo. She learned the art of silversmithing from her husband Rudy in 1994.

  • Harvey Mace - Navajo - Harvey Mace was born in 1957 in Farmington, New Mexico. He learned the art of silversmithing from his older brother, Ted Mace. Known for his intricate feather designs, Harvey stamps each piece one line at a time and files the edges by hand for a realistic feather design.

  • James Bahe - Navajo - James Bahe was born on November 1, 1960 to Vernon and Louse Bahe of White Cone, Arizona where he still resides. James, a mainly self-taught silversmith, began creating jewelry in 1979. He has been given a few pointers on his jewelry making skills from his cousin, Raymond Yazzie of Vanderwagen, NM, also a successful artist. James specializes in contemporary Indian jewelry which is displayed in galleries worldwide.

  • Jonathan Nez - Navajo - Jonathan Nez comes from a family of silversmiths and is the younger brother of Leonard Nez. Jonathan specializes in sterling silver and/or 14k gold jewelry (especially bracelets) with deep set intricate stampwork.;

  • L. T. Chee - Navajo - Leonard T. Chee resides near Vanderwagon, New Mexico and has been an active silversmith since 1975. He learned the art of silversmithing from his father, Tom Chee.

  • LaRose & Archie Ganadonegro - Navajo - Archie and LaRose, husband and wife, work side by side creating beautiful stone and sterling silver jewelry. LaRose Ganadonegro was born in 1956 in Crown Point, New Mexico. She started silver work in 1984 and works alongside her husband Archie. LaRose specializes in cluster designs using a multitude of different stones such as turquoise, shell, coral, and others.

  • Lee Charley - Navajo - Lee Charley was born on May 13, 1968 and raised in Thoreau, NM where he still resides with his wife and children. His wife, Karen, is Calvin Martinez's younger sister while Lee's brother, Ernest Rangel, is a silversmith in his own right.
    He was taught the art of silversmithing by his mother, Nellie Charley, in 1984 when he started helping her in her shop. Nine years later Lee ventured out on his own and began making jewelry on his own.

  • Lena Platero sterling silver jewelry collection
    Lena Platero - Navajo - Born in 1954, Lena Platero is a self taught silversmith specializing in extremely detailed sterling silver feather jewelry.

  • Leonard Nez - Navajo - Leonard Nez was born in the 1960's in Arizona. He learned silversmithing from his wife, Marian, who comes from a family of silversmiths. Leonard's brother, Jonathan Nez is a silversmith in his own right.
    Well known artist Gibson Nez was a great mentor and role model for Leonard. Gibson took him under his wing and called him brother, even though they share the same last name they are not related. Since beginning his career in the 1980's, Leonard has won many awards for his sterling silver jewelry.

  • Lester Abeyta - Santo Domingo - Lester Abeyta lives in the Santo Domingo Pueblo in New Mexico with his wife, Jesse, and family. Taught by his parents, Richard and Delia Abeyta, Lester is known for his traditional stone and shell jewelry. Each bead is cut, shaped, drilled and polished entirely by hand.
    Jewelry making is an Abeyta family tradition passed down from the parents, Richard and Delia, to all three of their children, Harvey, Sharon and Lester. Richard began making jewelry at age 7 with his grandfather Mariano Abeyta and later attended the Institute of American Indian Arts where he studied under the renowned artist Charles Loloma (Hopi).

  • Linda Yazzie - Navajo - Linda Yazzie has been an active silversmith since 1985. She is known for traditional Navajo designs featuring beautiful high-quality stones.

  • Lorraine Waatsa - Zuni - Lorraine Waatsa, like her mother Alice Quam, specializes in petitpoint cluster jewelry and is known for the high quality of her stones and craftsmanship. She learned silversmithing from her parents, Alice and Duane Quam, and grandparents, Doris and Wayne Ondelacy. She has been an active silversmith and jewelry maker since 1971. Lorraine's husband, Luwayne, works in conjunction with her by taking over some of the silversmithing.

  • Marie Yazzie - Navajo - From the Folding Arms Clan, Marie Yazzie comes from a large family of silversmiths. She is the daughter of Chee and Elise Mustache Yazzie and is the sister of well known silversmith Raymond C. Yazzie. Marie's work can be found in galleries throughout the Midwest.

  • Mike & Evelyn Platero - Navajo & Zuni - Mike and Evelyn Platero are a husband and wife team of silversmiths. Mike, Navajo, has been an active silversmith since 1965. Evelyn is Zuni. They are partial to making rings, earrings, and pendants.

  • Monty Claw - Navajo - Monty Claw is a Navajo artist who specializes in tufa cast fine sterling silver jewelry. He lives in Gallup, NM with his family and daughters. Monty is an artist of many talents including bead work and painting.

  • Murphy Platero - Navajo - Murphy Platero was born in Crown Point, New Mexico. He learned the art of silversmithing from his mother, Lena Platero, who is renowned for her feather jewelry. For over fifteen years, Murphy has been creating one-of-a-kind pieces showcasing his own unique stamp-work and hand picked turquoise stones. He currently lives and works in Gallup, New Mexico.

  • Natasha Peshlakai - Navajo - Natasha Peshlakai, born in the 1980's, collaborates with her father, Norbert Peshlakai, a well known silversmith. She began working with jewelry at the age of 12. Her father has been her mentor, teaching her the basics of silversmithing and continuing to collaborate with her on projects. Natasha, a full time silversmith, creates pieces which exhibit the high standards and exacting craftsmanship for which her family is known.

  • Priscilla Apache sterling silver jewelry collection
    Priscilla Apache - Navajo - Priscilla Apache, the niece of renown Navajo artist Tom Charlie, carries on her uncle's work with his classic sterling silver coil design.

  • Ramona Bird - Santo Domingo - Ramona Bird was born and still resides on the Santo Domingo Pueblo. As a little girl she learned lapidary from her mother Josephine Coriz. She still works side by side with her mother although they do not collaborate on their pieces.

  • Roger Skeet, Jr. - Navajo - Roger Skeet Jr. was born on December 7, 1933. He is the son of renown silversmith and his namesake Roger Skeet (Sr.). Residing in Vanderwagon, New Mexico, Roger has been an active silversmith sent the 1940's creating his signature stampwork pieces.

  • Ronnie Willie sterling silver jewelry collection
    Ronnie Willie - Navajo - Ronnie Willie is known for his signature sterling silver bead and four corners cross design.

  • Rudy Willie - Navajo - Happy Piasso and Rudy Willie are a Navajo husband and wife team. Rudy Willie sometimes signs his own name to his pieces, but both artists have been known use the "H. Piasso" stamp on their jewelry.
    Rudy Willie was born in 1965 in Albuquerque, New Mexico and raised in Canoncito. He learned silversmithing from his brother, Lonnie Willie, around 1982.

  • Steve Yellowhorse - Navajo - Steve Yellowhorse, born October 11, 1954 in Corpus Christi, Texas, now resides in Gallup, New Mexico with his wife Antoinette. He learned the art of silversmithing from Kevin Barnhill and Tom Taylor. Steve began his career in 1975 and has since made a name for himself with his contemporary and traditional designs incorporating heavy stampwork.

  • Steven Begay - Navajo - Steven Begay began learning his craft in 1974 at the Fort Wingate School. There he learned the basics of silversmithing such as soldering and stamping. From there he moved to work in Holbrook as a silversmith and met his wife, Kari, who worked at a local dry cleaners. In 1987, after living and working in Phoenix, Steven and Kari returned to the Winslow area to purchase the home in which the still reside.
    Steven Begay consistently creates award winning sterling silver jewelry. He specializes in exquisitely executed traditional Navajo designs in the overlay style and has won several first and second place awards since he began exhibiting in 1998.

  • Sunshine Reeves - Navajo - Daniel "Sunshine" Reeves has been creating beautiful heavy sterling silver jewelry since 1991. Sunshine was born in 1966, but did not take up his family trade until age 24. Taught his trade by his older brothers Gary and David Reeves, he is known for his intricate hand wrought stamped designs and has won many awards for his work.

  • Supersmith Inc. - David Rosales Designs sterling silver jewelry collection
    Supersmith Inc. - David Rosales Designs - A group of Navajo silver and goldsmiths specializing in handcrafted stone inlay jewelry.

  • Tom Charlie - Navajo - Born and raised in Canoncito, New Mexico, Thomas Charlie learned the art of silversmithing from his parents as a young child. His wife and three children have joined the business and now help to carry on the Charlie family name through jewelry.

  • Tommy Singer - Navajo - Born in 1940 in Winslow, Arizona. He learned the art of silversmithing from his father and is well known for his chip inlay style of jewelry. Tommy also specializes in traditional heavy stamp work and overlay jewelry.

  • Tsosie Orville White - Navajo - Orville White, known for his precise stamp work, is from Arizona. He began making jewelry in the late 1980's after being inspired by his wife's family. Before becoming a renowned silversmith, Orville was a carpenter and an auto mechanic.

  • Verdy Jake - Navajo - Verdy Jake was raised in a large family with twelve brothers and sisters. She learned the art of silversmithing from her oldest brother. He took an interest in jewelry making and then taught his siblings.
    Verdy lives in Smith Lake on the Navajo reservation with her four children.

  • Vernon & Clarissa Hale - Navajo - Husband and wife, Vernon and Clarissa Hale, are originally from Window Rock, AZ. They consider their parents, notable jewelry artists David and Alice Lister (Clarissa’s parents), and Vernon Hale Sr. and Sadie Hale (Vernon’s parents) as their main influences and teachers. Clarissa began silversmithing at the early age of 13 while Vernon began creating jewelry at age 27.

  • Wesley Whitman - Navajo - Born in 1987, Wesley Whitman resides in Gallup, New Mexico. He is the son of Wylie and Elizabeth Whitman and related to Terry J. Whitman. Wesley has won many awards and his work is shown in several galleries in New Mexico.

  • Zina designer sterling silver jewelry collection
    Zina - Zina is a fashion-forward and accessible modern sterling silver jewelry line from Beverly Hills, California.