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Ervin Tsosie

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Ervin Tsosie - Navajo artist

Ervin Tsosie, born September 1, 1970, is the brother of Irving Tsosie. Descended from spiritual ancestors instead of jewelers, his grandfather was a medicine man and his grandmother danced the Yeibichai. Ervin is a completely self-taught artist who derives his ideas from meditation, ceremonials and prayer.

He began making jewelry at the age of 18 and is known for his intricate, mosaic and channel inlay jewelry based on the ceremonial and spiritual figures of the Navajo culture. His ideas come. Ervin has won numerous awards for his work.
Ervin Tsosie - Jet & Multi-stone Inlay Teardrop Earrings #38867 $480.00

Ervin Tsosie
Jet & Multi-stone Inlay Teardrop Earrings